Through Floor Lifts

Restricted to the ground floor of your home?

The installation of a through floor lift is a far less complicated operation than you might think. Following the initial survey and the subsequent decision to proceed, our experienced team will carry out all necessary preparatory work and install the lift in two days providing this is one continuous process.

Sometimes space is limited, therefore the wheelchair Harmony range features an ingenious car design resulting in a wheelchair lift which is only fractionally larger on the outside than the inside. The Harmony Through Floor Lift is the market leader when it comes to internal car size and the number of lift models available. The Harmony Longer Wider (LW) model is the largest lift car with a footprint less than 1055 x 1465 and can accommodate ALL category A and B wheelchairs.

Operation is simple. Having called the lift from the easily accessible wireless wall control sited to suit the user, the car door can be opened by the same control. The low integral ramp allows easy wheelchair access and a push button inside the car closes the door. A push of the car control button (which can be positioned by the user to suit their needs) will signal the car to travel to the other floor, automatically lifting or replacing the aperture ceiling panel en route, where the reverse procedure is followed to exit the car.