Automatic Door Operators

Our automatic door operators have been developed to enable the user to open and close doors within a property including the main entrance/exit doors.

The automatic door operator is controlled via a hand held radio remote control, so therefore no contact with the door is required. Property door is secured via electronic latch release.

Liftech can install operators to suit various door designs, however we can supply bespoke doors to suit individual requirements.

Features include:

  • Full remote radio control operation (hand held or pendant type)
  • Auto close facility (spring close on fire doors)
  • Can be integrated with other systems such as environmental and door intercom systems
  • Can be installed on main entrance or internal doors
  • Electronic security lock (main entrance and exit doors)
  • Built in anti crush sensors (door will re-open or close if an obstacle is detected in either direction of travel)
  • Slim unobtrusive aluminum design
  • Manual touch to open button (optional)
  • Battery back-up for the unlikely event of a power cut (optional)
  • Hinge Finger Guards